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Public Relations & CSR (corporate social responsibility) Experts: The Pivotals

At Pivotals we offer guidance, advice and help for businesses to expand, grow, and sustain their status in the market. Our team of expert and experienced professionals offers businesses a range of services, which meet their specific requirements and involve in businesses expansion from the foundation upwards. We match business practices based on strategies that go with local and existing business needs and future aspirations.

The team of Pivotals has expert knowledge of the Indian business market and we can assess the exact business needs of our clients and assist them in internal and external stakeholder engagement. We create and build public relations through continuous engagement with the media, and help in building and maintaining brands through media relations, digital and social media among other methods. We can easily manage, create, and sustain a strong media profile by assisting in public affairs like trade shows to build and promote your brand.

We are experts in CSR (corporate social responsibility) and map and help companies build CSR actions and execution of CSR activities according to business specific goals and aspirations. We match the company goals for CSR and build relationships between the business and NGOs.

We assist businesses in crisis management through initial assessment and audit, counseling on strategies and engaging stakeholders holistically and finally through post crisis rehabilitation.

Pivotals help germinate and grow enterprise ideas at the start up stage, and guide initial business initiatives in new and prospective locations in any domain or verticals. Our ideas and guidance are strengthened by years of experience and deeper knowledge of current business environments.



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